Growth At Home Strategy

Growth at Home must be seen in the context of Namibia’s Industrial Policy (2012). The Industrial Policy, which has been approved by Cabinet, provides strategic guidance and principles for industrialization. It is aligned to Vision 2030 and the National Development Plans (NDP's). Namibia’s future development path is laid out in these guiding documents sharing emphasis of the importance of structural transformation.

Growth at Home provides a road map for the execution of the Industrial Policy. It comprises three Strategic intervention areas and sets targets in line with the guiding policy and strategy documents. The three strategic intervention areas are: supporting value addition, securing market access and improving the investment climate.

Along three Strategic Intervention Areas, a layer of horizontal Priority Actions have been derived, which have a cross-sectoral focus and aim in particular at the general business environment. These priority actions build on existing initiatives and experiences that can be implemented in the short to medium term, considering available resources, presenting gains from ‘low hanging fruits’.

The Special Industrialisation Programmes forms a second layer of Growth at Home. Under this layer selected sectors will receive targeted support focusing in particular on value addition. These sectors include; agro and fish processing; steel manufacturing; chemicals, mineral beneficiation, building materials and pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. The sectoral interventions complement and deepen the horizontal Priority Actions. Together, horizontal and vertical Priority Actions are forming one comprehensive and integrated drive towards industrialisation.

To provide a comprehensive road map for execution, Growth at Home also outlines the necessary organisational structures and the monitoring system for the implementation. The approach of the Growth at Home is geared towards execution. It is based on an understanding that implementing industrial policy is more than simply developing a list of policy measures. It is a process jointly driven by Government and the private sector which is also about learning, refining, and correcting when necessary. Growth at Home provides a consistent and comprehensive basis for this process, as well as the structures and mechanisms to ensure that the process stays on track.

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