NTF Committees

The work of the NTF is done formally at the committee level. There are 4 committee of the NTF covering all the economic sectors. They are: Agriculture Committee, Manufacturing Committee, Fisheries committee and Services Committee.

Representation of the committees are mainly at association level except the Agriculture committee which comprises of Namibia’s larger Agro-processing firms such as MeatCo, Namib Mills, Namibia Dairies etc. The chairperson of each committee is nominated by their members and represent each committee on NTF’s board of directors. The Services Committee is further comprised of Logistics and Tourism as sub-sectors. This is due to the fact that Logistics and Tourism sectors are two of the prioritised sectors by government under the NDP4. Their chairpersons, Johny Smith from Walvis Bay Corridor Group representing Logistics, and Benita Herma from FENATA representing the tourism sector are sitting on NTF board representing the two sectors.

Agriculture Committee - Chairperson: Vehaka Tjimune

Meat Board of Namibia www.nammic.com.na
Namibian Agronomic Board www.nab.com.na
Namibian Grain Processors Association -
Agronomic Producers Association -
Feedmaster Ltd. (falls under Namib Mills Group) www.feedmaster.com.na
Namibian Grape Growers Association -
Namibia National Farmers Union (NNFU) www.nnfu.org.na
Namib Mills Group www.nmigroup.co.za/companies/companies/namibia.html
Namibia Agricultural Union www.agrinamibia.com.na
Dairy Producers Association -
Namibia Dairies / Ohlthaver & List Group www.ohlthaverlist.com/companies/namibia_dairies.php
Meat Corporation of Namibia www.meatco.com.na
Poultry Producers Association -
Bokomo www.bokomoafrica.co.za/
Witvlei Meat www.witvleimeat.com/

Manufacturing Committee - Chairperson: Gideon Shilongo

Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Taara Shaanika www.ncci.org.na
Namibian Manufacturers Association www.nmanamibia.com
Team Namibia www.teamnamibia.com
Indigenous People’s Business Forum www.ipbf.com.na
Bakers Association of Namibia -
Namibia Manufacturer Association -
Chamber of Mines www.chamberofmines.org.na

Fisheries Committee - Chairperson: Matti Amukwa

Confederation of Namibian Fisheries Association
Hake Association
Monk and Sole Association
Pelagic Association
MidWater Trawling association
Tuna and Large Pelagic Association
Mariculture Association

Services Committee

Ministry of ICT www.mme.gov.na
Ministry of Works and Transport -
Bankers Association of Namibia -
Development bank of Namibia www.dbn.com.na
CRAN www.cran.na
NBC www.nbc.com
SME Bank -
Bank of Namibia www.bon.com.na
FENATA www.fenata.org
Construction Industries Federation (CIF) http://cifnamibia.com/
Electricity Control Board (ECB) www.ecb.org.na
Sea & Air Logistics Namibia www.sea-air.biz
Walvis Bay Corridor Group www.wbcg.com.na
Namcor www.namcor.com.na
MTC www.mtc.com.na
Telecom Namibia www.telecom.na
Nampower www.nampower.com.na
Ministry of Mines and Energy www.mme.gov.na
GIPF www.gipf.com.na
Ministry of Trade and Industry -
Namibia Insurance Brokers Association -
Namibia Insurers Association -
Long Term Assurance Association of Namibia -
Namfisa -
Association of Unit Trusts of Namibia -
Investment Managers Association of Namibia -
Namibia Association of Medical Aid Funds -
Retirement Funds Institute of Namibia www.rfin.com.na
Micro Lenders Association of Namibia -

Trade Facilitation - Chairperson: Susan Beukes

Namibia Trade Forum (Secretariat) www.ntf.org.na
Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and SME Development www.mti.gov.na
Ministry of Justice: Legal reform/appeals -
Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry www.mawf.gov.na
Ministry of Environment and Tourism www.met.gov.na
Ministry of Health and Social Services www.mhss.gov.na
Ministry of Works and Transport -
Ministry of Finance www.mof.gov.na
Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources www.mfmr.gov.na
Ministry of Foreign Affairs -
Ministry of Home Affairs (Immigration Department) www.mha.gov.na
National Planning Commission www.npc.gov.na
Ministry of Safety and Security www.mss.gov.na
Walvis Bay Corridor Group (WBCG) www.wbcg.com.na
Namibia Logistics Association (NLA) www.nla.org.na
Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) www.ncci.org.na
Namibia Ports Authority (NamPort) www.namport.com.na
Trans-Kalahari Corridor Secretariat www.wbcg.com.na
Walvis Bay Port Users Association www.namport.com.na
Namibia Manufacturing Association (NMA) www.nmanamibia.com
Agricultural Trade Forum (ATF) www.atf.org.na
Namibian Standards Institution (NSI) www.nsi.com.na
Indigenous People Business Forum (IPBF) www.ipbf.com.na

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